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von Rundstedt AG

Top-class sport is not a lifetime job. The transience means that you also have to position yourself professionally in time. After professional sport, you certainly want to play in the top league professionally and get off to a flying start. The start and development of a successful professional career must be thought through and prepared for at an early stage. We can support you in this. We help you to make the right decisions early on and to make the right preparations.

Daniela alleine

Daniela Torre:
„We support you in realising your professional goals or help you find new professional ideas and implement them successfully“.

Synchronised swimming
Former member of the national team

What we offer you...

  • Dual career guidance: combining sport and education or sport and career
  • Development and implementation of a sustainable further education strategy
  • Professional career planning within and outside sport
  • Professional reorientation
  • Accompaniment to self-employment
  • Labour market check
  • CV check and interview training

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