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The value of a professional athlete depends first and foremost on his or her sporting performance. How one presents oneself in public outside the playing field has an impact that should not be underestimated – even beyond the end of one’s career. This personal profile is revealed in one’s own social media, but of course also in interviews for radio, TV and newspapers.

Martin Zinser

Martin Zinser, owner:
«I help you to consciously shape the way you deal with media. You become more confident in front of the camera – even if you lose or are asked tricky questions. We train this together and you get valuable tips.»

World Championship bronze 1983/1986
World Games Bronze 1988

What we offer you...

  • Advice on practical media work and performance skills
  • Interview training with camera and immediate analysis
  • Analysis of past media work
  • Preparation of upcoming media appearances

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