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by the way communications AG

In the digital media landscape, you as a sportswoman or sportsman are increasingly producing content yourself. For your community, for sponsors, for the media. This content is exclusive and can be marketed via the web, social media, identity, sponsoring or merchandising. Do your homework in this area at the beginning of your career. You will profit from these efforts later on perhaps beyond the end of your active time.

Richard Hurni

Richard Hurni, Partner:
«Athletes should be able to concentrate on training and competitions. We create and operate their communication channels in close consultation and take care of the marketing».

Polysportive amateur
Gurten conqueror with the mountain bike
Golf player with a lot of fun and less talent

What we offer you...

  • We provide you with a starter set for communication and marketing (logo, website, social media channels, sponsoring dossier)
  • We implement innovative storytelling on your digital touchpoints in consultation with you
  • We identify your marketing potential and look for commercial partners for you

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