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You earn money through your sporting life, you have the chance for advertising contracts, you may have an engagement abroad, you also want to support your parents or others with your earnings. All of this is connected with taxes. It is worthwhile to seek the advice of experts before making such decisions. Tax experts can help you get the most out of your situation and avoid making big mistakes.

Jürg Altorfer

Jürg Altorfer, Partner:
«We help you with all of your tax questions – whether you are in Switzerland, Europe or North America. As much of your salary as possible should stay in your wallet. We help you avoid expensive mistakes.»

Military pentathlon
10 years on the national team

What we offer you...

  • Advice on tax optimisation and risk avoidance
  • Advice on tax and social security issues when working abroad
  • Review of contracts from a tax and social security perspective
  • Tax advice on structuring assets (companies, real estate, etc.)
  • Preparation of tax returns and representation before tax authorities in Switzerland

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